Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Michael Tsao for earning second place in the Dickinson Spelling Bee this morning.  This kid sure has a way with words, a true gift. Way to go Michael!!

Mrs Atkins

Monday, December 9, 2013

4th Grade Swimming

Dickinson 4th graders will participate in the LCISD swimming program January 15-28. Every 4th grader in the school district participates in the program, and it is required for their PE credit that 9 weeks.

            Last week, your child brought home a green permission slip. Please sign and return this permission slip as soon as possible. Expect another green letter to go home explaining the guidelines for the swimming program.

            The coaches at the natatorium have a strict dress code that the students must follow in order to participate. Girls MUST have a one piece swimsuit, not a tankini. Shirts, including swim shirts, are not allowed.  Girls must wear their hair up and out of their face. There are no toys allowed. Students do not need to bring a towel, as they are provided at the natatorium. Please be sure to send your child’s swimsuit in a plastic bag. This is always a fun and exciting program for 4th graders!


Thursday, December 5, 2013


As our class ventures into December, please encourage your child to remain focused on their classwork.  This is an exciting time of year, and it is easy for students to be distracted by the festive season.  As parents, please be sure you continue to monitor your child's grades online as well.  Progress Reports will be going home next week.  Continue to read throughout the month, as I was disappointed to see so many of our students not meet their reading goal in November.  December's AR goal is only 6 points.  I know we can have 100% participation in free dress if everyone is reading 20 minutes each night as part of daily homework. 

In the classroom, students are learning to read and interpret poetry, and will begin the unit with a vocabulary test on Friday.  Fourth grade is learning about weathering and erosion in science, and will participate in a Skittles lab this week.  They have started learning about Texas' fight for independence in Social Studies.  This is usually a favorite unit of students, as they enjoy hearing about the battles and the stories of famous leaders.  Fractions are on the horizon in Math.  This can be a struggle for some, and I recommend using the online textbook as a resource for extra practice and review.  In writing, students are continuing expository writing. 

Information on our winter class party should be coming home soon.  If you are available to help with our party, please send me an e-mail.  I hope to see you all there.

Mrs. Atkins

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Field Trip

Hello everyone.  I am missing my sweet kiddos every day, and I hope to be back to class soon. 

Please be aware that we are going on our annual field trip to George Ranch Historical Park on Tuesday.  Our wonderful substitute, Mrs. Johnson will be in charge.  She is a former Dickinson teacher of the year and has supervised many field trips in the past.  Students should bring a sack lunch in a large zip lock bag labeled with their name, unless they plan to purchase the sack lunch from the cafeteria before we leave.  This is an outdoor, walking field trip, so students should dress accordingly.  Class t-shirts, jeans or shorts, good walking shoes, and a jacket that can be removed if it gets warm are recommended.  Students are allowed water bottles, hats, or sunglasses, but they are responsible for carrying and keeping up with these items.  There will be no opportunity to visit the gift shop, so students should not bring money with them. 

This is a wonderful day to spend with your child, and we welcome any parents wishing to do so to meet us in front of the visitor's center at 8:30.  Since this is a guided tour, and we have a long history with the park, you will see and learn new things on this tour, even if you have visited the park before.  The park represents many different time periods in Texas history in a living museum format.  All students must ride the bus to and from the park with the class, but parents can check their children out in the front office as soon as we return.  This should be an all day trip, weather permitting. 

I am sad to have to miss my favorite field trip, but I am confident that the students will represent Dickinson well with good behavior and manners. 

See you soon,

Mrs. Atkins

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Welcome New Students

On Monday, our class will welcome four new students.  The children are prepared and excited to act as ambassadors for our new additions.  We will be reviewing procedures, rules, and expectations on Monday.  This will be a good refresher for all of the students as we begin a new nine weeks grading period.  I have great confidence in our class' ability to demonstrate proper behavior and procedures, to include our new friends, and to welcome our new students warmly as equal members of our classroom.

Our top five leaders in TTM lessons completed are:  Jasmine, Hunter, Karim, Michael, and Garrison.  Keep up the good work everyone. 

Don't forget that the deadline to earn AR free dress for October is Thursday.  Friday will be free dress for those who have earned 8 or more AR points this month. 

I can't wait to see those Texas projects Tuesday!

Mrs. Atkins

Friday, October 25, 2013

Think Through Math & Online Textbook

Thanks to everyone for making the effort to get on the new Think Through Math computerized math program.  Students are excited to find out class leaders, and I will begin announcing daily leaders very soon.  Remember that students can earn a free dress day each month simply by completing ten lessons in a month.   Students may access this program anytime at home, and I will be assigning this as part of our homework each week.  It would be a good idea to create a desktop icon for the TTM program and for the I-Station reading program to provide your child with easy access to these valuable resources.

Our top five point leaders are : Jasmine, Michael, Amanda, Peter, and Aden.
Our top five lesson leaders are:  Jasmine, Hunter, Garrison, Michael, and Amanda

On Monday, I also sent home student passwords and access information for our math textbook online.  Students no longer have to carry the heavy textbook home to practice, study, or complete homework.  Remember that we will be having a Chapter 7 Math text on October 31st. 

Keep learning and having fun!

Mrs. Atkins

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Early Release

Please remember that the kids get out of school at 11:30 tomorrow.  If your child will go home a different way than usual, I need a written note.  Also, we have lunch at 8:45 tomorrow, so please discuss a lunch plan with your child.  They are welcome to eat a light snack if you have lunch plans after school.  Students were asked to donate a can of food as part of Red Ribbon Week.  Please send yours in if you have not already done so.  Library day is tomorrow as well, so don't forget to return your books.

Mrs. Atkins